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Founders' most referred Investor

Here for the best and the worst times, as that's what founders need

We are here to build what your idea may be together, instead of criticizing your idea at the earliest stages. All pitch meetings will help you towards your goal, even if we pass as a fund.

We problem solve together at your most challenging times. We want the stories of how we problem solved together from the founders' words to define us. Those are the words that should matter the most when comparing funds. We strive to be the fund that founders first think about when raising/referring funds.

Words from founders matter the most to us. If you would like to know more about what other founders have said when working with us, check out what they had to say here.

Managing Partner, Founder, Friend

I quit my job and raised capital during the bear market because of the frustration I felt with founders when working with early-stage investors. We were born from founders wanting a fund they would like to see and work with during their earliest stages.

Eun Youb (Josh) Lee

-Top Quartile Fund based on Cambridge Associates at Pascal
-Grew an angel syndicate to $7M within a year of launching
-Co-GP of Jumbo Angel Network to support Tufts' founders
-Grew the AUM 3x within a year of purchasing secondaries at Catchlight Capital Partners, where I remain as Venture Partner
-Grew up 20+ years with family debt + therapist to 100+ people and only here thanks to numerous who took a chance on me

Founders I had the privilege to work with

These are some of my favorite people who have been instrumental not only to my growth, but also to my other founder friends who are just starting out their journey. You will get to meet some of the top founders looking to change the status quo of many industries today.

Let's chat!

Please let me know what you would like to chat about!Whether it's about the next startup you are looking to do or your interest in learning more about Counter Culture Venutres as an LP, my inbox is open!For startups, I do prefer to prioritize those that have been referred to me by other founders, as I often do get inundated with emails. I might get back to cold emails time to time, so please give me as many details as you can give along with a quick summary of your business! Thanks!

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